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I wish I actually had the balls to kill myself

Deeper and deeper

My best friend is suicidal and it scares the absolute fuck out of me because I love her to death we’ve been close as ever for 4 years like peas and carrots, i try so hard to make her laugh and keep her in a good mood she still cuts herself I do to so I’m not worried about that I mean I am but she’s getting worse cutting deeper and deeper I can’t lose her for God sakes whenever I have kids my first daughter is going to be named after her, i wish I could be there for her but she’s super far away from me hopefully she comes home soon. She’s so beautiful and amazing I wish she would just realize that she doesn’t need a boy’s attention to make her feel good because when they go away it kills her inside and out =/

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What’s the point

The fact that I get closer and closer to dieing makes me pretty fucking happy.

I hate this life so much.

I’m trying really hard to get pregnant with my boyfriend we both discuss it all the time I’m afraid that I won’t get pregnant and keep disappointing him I love him so much but Blahhh

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